minoHealth is an audacious Futuristic Medical Health System that seeks to Democratise Quality Innovative Healthcare for all. World Health Organisation stats reveal there's a lack of quality Healthcare and Physicians to match healthcare needs of patients, in over 44% of WHO member countries, there are less than 1 physician per 1000 population and the stats further reveal it's only getting worse, by 2035, the world would be short of 12.9 million healthcare workers, that's about twice its shortage in 2013, 7.2 million. Unfortunately, most of that scarcity and gap is on our side of the world, WHO statistics reveal in all 47 sub-Saharan African countries, there are only 168 medical schools in existence to train healthcare personnels, and of those countries, 11 have no medical schools and 24 only have one medical school. Beyond that, the global Healthcare System is riddled with endless misdiagnosis, missed/late diagnosis and inefficiencies. The few moderately quality Healthcare are too expensive and centralised in very few places to ever reach and positively affect the masses.

According to IBM Research, the average person is likely to generate more than 100 million gigabytes(the equivalent of 300 million books) of medical data in their lifetime, but unfortunately majority of that data would never be structured or used in improving the healthcare provided to them and the few used are even underutilised, in fact, stats reveal that 80% of health data is invisible to current systems because it is unstructured. Less than 50% of medical decisions meet evidence based standards due to this.

There's an urgent need for a radical tectonic shift that'd exponentially revolutionise the Global Healthcare industry, starting with Ghana. Such a revolution should provide new alternatives based on extremely modern and futuristic paradigms and technologies that exponentially outperform current approaches. It must also be able to completely democratise such technologies and make them ubiquitous so all people, regardless of their financial class or demographics can have access to them. And these technologies must be highly evidence based healthcare. They must be able to structure, analyse and properly utilise patient health data in improving healthcare and helping healthcare workers make more and better evidence based medical decisions. And minoHealth is audaciously such revolution. We've already developed the core of such revolution, minoHealth uses Artificial intelligence to make Health Predictions and Diagnostics, stores Patient Medical Records online to be available to all physicians within a hospital in Real Time, all the data collected are intelligently organised and with “Big Data” approaches and technologies, they are continually analysed so important health information/stats on general hospital patients are visualised and made available to physicians. And furthermore, on a direct National level, we have the Ministry Portal that collects patient data from all the registered hospitals within the country with their permission and organises and analyses them and makes them visually available to the Ghanaian Ministry of Health. With this portal, we can actually collect national health data at hardly any cost on a repeated timely basis without any human effort.